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Digital technology is expanding the reach of marketing and communication channels and this is particularly exciting for commercial businesses who constantly seek competitive advantage in their chosen field. The need to embrace this change is critical but the requirement to understand and implement solutions is vital and can only be achieved with talented and experienced individuals.

We are delighted to supply these talent solutions to a selected number of commercial firms who are based in London and the surrounding Home Counties. We work with entities in a variety of industries including Consumer, Business and Professional Services whose size varies from Plc to start up.

Our services to these businesses remains consistent in delivering and matching the most relevant Digital, Marketing and Communications experts with the most appropriate roles in organisations who truly value individuals with ambition.

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Arts & Heritage

London is home to some of the finest Arts and Heritage sites in the world and Rendle Ferguson has a vested interest in this sector.

Our sister Company Henrietta Ferguson Ltd,, provides private historical tours for discerning individuals who travel from all over the globe to explore the Capitals most loved destinations and also some lesser known hidden secrets.

We are delighted to interact with candidates who are passionate and knowledgeable in this varied field and who have the necessary Digital, Marketing or Communications skills to add value and continue to make London the epicenter for Arts and Heritage.

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Charities & Membership Bodies

We are very proud to focus the majority of our recruitment services to extraordinary organisations in the Not for Profit & Charity sectors.

We work with an eclectic mix of businesses, which include front line service providers, research and lobbying bodies, Trusts & Funds, through to membership bodies and trade associations in professional and sporting disciplines. It is rare for many individuals to join a business and enjoy watching the fruits of their labour harvest over night. This regularly occurs in this most amazing sector and the outcome is often a positive impact on the lives of many people and the wider community.

The Digital, Marketing and Communications disciplines are changing the way Charities operate and the results are benefiting an ever increasing number of vital stakeholders. We are eager to talk to talented individuals who are committed to make certain this trend continues.

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For Clients

Rendle Ferguson takes the role of recruitment supplier and Brand Ambassador for every assignment, communication and interaction we make on our clients behalf. We ensure each party is treated fairly, communicated with effectively and protect the positive impression of our client’s brand during each assignment.

Having recruited and consulted in our chosen field for many years we have a thorough appreciation of our clients industries and the type of talent that will add most value. For new clients we commit to thoroughly understanding your business, markets, people, objectives, structure and culture to allow us to represent you as fully and comprehensively as possible. We then communicate this openly and honestly with our candidates to ensure they are being directed to the most appropriate opportunities. 

We invest a great deal of time to understand our candidates’ skills, experience and career legacies whilst thoroughly examining their motivations and ambitions for each role in consideration. This is particularly pertinent for first time applications to roles in new industries and in particular the Not for Profit sectors where short-term appeal might not necessarily measure up to longer term realities. This simply means you are introduced to the most relevant individuals who are knowledgeable about your business, inspired and fully committed to be part of the recruitment process. Providing this evaluation to you means the selection process is efficient, accurate and geared to long term success.

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For Candidates

Rendle Ferguson take pride in attracting and interacting with exciting, talented and ambitious individuals who are experienced in our field of Digital, Marketing and Communication specialisms. 

We work with individuals who are passionate about their career journey and who deserve the most impactful of recruitment services.

Having recruited for many years in our chosen field we are ambassadors to our clients and have deep appreciation and understanding of their work and operational environments. We research new clients thoroughly and take considerable time and effort and to make sure we inform all our candidates as openly, honestly and accurately on all aspects of each opportunity. This means as a candidate you get true insight into the role, the entire organisation, culture and a thorough understanding of the challenges and eccentricities of working in a new environment. This is particularly pertinent for candidates looking to make a first move into Not for Profit sectors where motivation, culture and personality play a considerable part in the decision making process.

Our consultancy provides clear and open communication channels which cut through the constant frustration of ambiguity and lack of contact by providing clarity and insight at defined communication points during every assignment. We are intent in delivering the most relevant insight at the right time for you to make an informed decision.

Candidates represented by RF will be treated as individuals, personably, diligently and appropriately. Our aim is not merely to assist you in your next job move but to accompany you with support throughout your career.

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About Rendle Ferguson Specialist Recruitment

Directing talent to exciting careers in exceptional organisations

Rendle Ferguson is a focused recruitment consultancy attracting the finest Digital, Marketing and Communications specialists. We match talent and ambition with some of the most exciting career opportunities available.

At RF we participate only in disciplines and markets where we can make a significant positive impact and work with extraordinary organisations in the Not for Profit sectors and a selected number of exceptional brands in commercial industries. The cornerstones to our business are our commitments to provide an open, honest and trusted service. We cut through ambiguity and greyness by delivering effective communication in an efficient time period to all stakeholders involved.

We work to make our approach personable and our process professional; ensuring every assignment we undertake is passionately pursued and diligently completed. RF recruit at a variety of different experience points from Junior positions to Board Director and have considerable strength in recruiting at mid to senior levels.

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