Thursday, 28 August 2014

For Clients

Rendle Ferguson takes the role of recruitment supplier and Brand Ambassador for every assignment, communication and interaction we make on our clients behalf. We ensure each party is treated fairly, communicated with effectively and protect the positive impression of our client’s brand during each assignment.

Having recruited and consulted in our chosen field for many years we have a thorough appreciation of our clients industries and the type of talent that will add most value. For new clients we commit to thoroughly understanding your business, markets, people, objectives, structure and culture to allow us to represent you as fully and comprehensively as possible. We then communicate this openly and honestly with our candidates to ensure they are being directed to the most appropriate opportunities. 

We invest a great deal of time to understand our candidates’ skills, experience and career legacies whilst thoroughly examining their motivations and ambitions for each role in consideration. This is particularly pertinent for first time applications to roles in new industries and in particular the Not for Profit sectors where short-term appeal might not necessarily measure up to longer term realities. This simply means you are introduced to the most relevant individuals who are knowledgeable about your business, inspired and fully committed to be part of the recruitment process. Providing this evaluation to you means the selection process is efficient, accurate and geared to long term success.

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