Thursday, 28 August 2014

For Candidates

Rendle Ferguson take pride in attracting and interacting with exciting, talented and ambitious individuals who are experienced in our field of Digital, Marketing and Communication specialisms. 

We work with individuals who are passionate about their career journey and who deserve the most impactful of recruitment services.

Having recruited for many years in our chosen field we are ambassadors to our clients and have deep appreciation and understanding of their work and operational environments. We research new clients thoroughly and take considerable time and effort and to make sure we inform all our candidates as openly, honestly and accurately on all aspects of each opportunity. This means as a candidate you get true insight into the role, the entire organisation, culture and a thorough understanding of the challenges and eccentricities of working in a new environment. This is particularly pertinent for candidates looking to make a first move into Not for Profit sectors where motivation, culture and personality play a considerable part in the decision making process.

Our consultancy provides clear and open communication channels which cut through the constant frustration of ambiguity and lack of contact by providing clarity and insight at defined communication points during every assignment. We are intent in delivering the most relevant insight at the right time for you to make an informed decision.

Candidates represented by RF will be treated as individuals, personably, diligently and appropriately. Our aim is not merely to assist you in your next job move but to accompany you with support throughout your career.

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